Sincerely Speaking Spiritually

Writing a poetic prayer or a scriptural poem is not as easy a task as reciting a prayer. It is also certainly very different from writing a regular poem. Although some of the principles are similar, the spiritual poem deals with the truth of the matter. While regular poems may be fictional in nature, the spiritual poem is real. It comes from the heart as a supplication of intercessory prayer to stand in the gap on behalf of another soul. It relates to real-life situations and is factual in words. While the regular poem uses imaginative and variety creative language, the prayer poem uses more concrete, figurative and literal language.

The poetry forms of both may be the same in terms of narration and use the same stanza formats, such as haiku, senryu, freeform, tercet, couplet, sestet, octave, four- and five-line stanzas of quatrain and quintet, couplet, ballad, epigram, sonnet, ode, and others. Therefore, the architecture and construction of the forms are similar. The styles and uses of language are mostly different in nature. However, they share similar themes of inspiration, motivation, and stimulus uplifting the souls of others.