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Official Review: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually

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Posted on April 4, 2020, updated on April 10, 2020, by The Literature Today
5 out of 5 stars


A collection of poetry that will soothe the soul and enlighten the heart. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of nine poetry books and a series of peer reviewed-published poetic papers:
The Awakened One Poetics- published in October 2010,” “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul- published in October 2006,” and “A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul- published in October 2019.” His fourth book, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually,” released in February 2020. Published by Westbow Press, it is 138 pages long read full of great words and inspiring verses. It is poetry with biblical sounding. This book is a revelation having a unique style of poetry writing which truly captures the reader’s heart. His style gives poetic prayers, resonance and depth. His poetry feeds the soul.

Quoting his praise here, “Joseph S. Spence Sr. is indeed brilliant in his navigation of spiritual poetry themes in biblical forms in an intricate way that stands as a signature for his readers.”

He is the true ambassador for literature and is one of the most passionate poets of all time. His unique navigation of spiritual poetry themes in the biblical form is a modern-day book of Psalms.

He dedicates this book to his dear mother, Mrs. Olive Maud Spence (Justice), and father, Mr. Kenneth John Spence (Moses). The foreword is written by Reverend B. E. Coleman, Master of Divinity, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Reverend B. E. Coleman is the enlightened Pastor of Siloah Lutheran Church and School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has held a variety of significant offices in his ministry with livened congregations, taught sequencing and uplifting subjects on God’s kingdom at numerous places, and is wildly recognized as a dedicated servant of God by all congregations which he has been a shining light with God’s words of grace. Reverend Coleman’s teaching and preaching definitely is a favorable blessing from God to all he serves. The book stands out as a pleasant read with poetry and prose composed to enlighten the beholder. Each poem has relevance for better thinking and purification of the thought process.

The writer’s global exposure is evident in his presentation. Beginning with the book, it is divided into five sections.

The first section encompasses Regular Spiritual Poetic Forms. Here’s an excerpt. “In times like these, Believe in His everlasting power. He will rain down His loving shower. Call Him now; don’t be a fence dancer. In times like these, He has the answer!”. The writer offers variety and inspiration through his words. He reiterates the fact that God is the ultimate savior and is always eager to help his children.

The second section has Poetic Prayer Forms and is especially for individuals with various ailments. It has prayers for specific issues or problems. For example. “Heavenly Father, Bless all parents of students. Guide and comfort them in taking care of children. Touch and comfort parents who have lost children. Look over the schools they attend and guard them. Protect them from shooters and school violence.”

The third section talks about Invented short spiritual, poetic forms. It talks about the various forms of poetry. Here’s an excerpt, a tanka quintet; “Placed in a walled tomb, He did not die from their wounds. Dark days passed, no word. Resurrection on the third. Now they lift their hands in praise.”

The fourth section is called Epulaeryu Poems. It consists of epulaeryu spiritual septet poems. The form and style were created by Joseph S. Spence Sr. himself. The form and style were developed based on his worldwide travels while serving with the U.S. Army. Here’s a sneak peek; Pottage of lentil and bread. Thank You, Lord, now fed With wheat, barley, and flour. Filled cups this hour Overflow with grace. Bless this taste. Yes!

The fifth and the last part of the book has Glossary of Spiritual Poetic Forms. This defines the forms and styles of poems read on the previous pages. Some of the definitions are in-depth. Some specify dates of creation, names of the inventors, and revisions into another form or style. A perfect ending to this awesome, insightful, positive book.

About the author:

Joseph S. Spence Sr. is a professional poet, author, speaker, man of God, researcher, and book reviewer. He served as a United States Army commissioned officer of twenty-six years honorable service, and also as a lay minister with designated military Chaplains. He holds several degrees, including one in divinity from Faith Theological Seminary. He is currently a member of the Siloah Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His book, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” won the Best Christian Poetry Award from Christian Story Tellers. “The Awakened One Poetics,” won 2nd place in the Critters Writers Workshop Best Author’s Pool, and was also the Publisher’s Best Seller.

His writings have appeared in many national and international forums including Cram 7 Chicago Poetry, Sound of Poetry Review, Möbius Poetry, Autumn Leaves, Poetinis Druskininkų, Phoenix Magazine, Harvest of New Millennium, The Rubicon, Word Catalyst, Burns Chronicle, Newspapers, U. S. Army, The Edition, and Taj Mahal Review. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University and retired from the U.S. Army as an officer with over 20-years of service.

He is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas. He has received many poetry awards, including the following: Poetry Ambassador Medal (USA), Poetry Bard Award (U.K.), Who’s Who in Poetry, (USA), Numerous Editor’s Choice Awards (USA), and Independent Poet Laureate (USA).

He embraces paternal Scottish ancestry and is a member of the Scottish Poetry Bard, Robert Burns Club, Wisconsin.

This book is available in eBook format at a nominal price point of INR 299.25/- at amazon kindle. Poetry is a very delicate form of writing. It involves weaving deep thoughts in a beautiful writing style. This book is a wonderful take on spirituality, in a poetic form of writing style, which is both positive and uplifting. In the author’s words, don’t forget to pray without ceasing, stay encouraged, be strong, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always! A precious and a must-read.


God-inspired messages from Joseph S. Spence Sr.

Book Review by Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev

The verse collection Sincerely Speaking Spiritually by Joseph S. Spence Sr. appeared in one of the most dramatic periods for humanity and the world – the pandemic COVID-19. Millions of people get infected, thousands die. The book comes as a message Above: to give us hope, to fill us with faith, and to give us love. The God’s ways are unknown. For lovers of poetry, for believers, desperate and inspired, sick and healthy, for those who will find the grace of heaven tomorrow, Joseph S. Spence Sr. opens the heavenly door. And he pronounces the most sincere prayers to God on his own behalf and on our behalf.

His poetry is with biblical sound, a fantastic flight of thought, inspired and dictated by God! The words are filled with all-pervading energy. They lift and exalt. They bring us back the lost harmony and wholeness, fill us with love in our reading. And we resonate with divine purity, radiating positivism. This is how we feel involved and included in the great creative mission of uplifting the human race, encouraging and illuminating our thoughts. Initially, we become complicit in the creative explosions of the Word. We are flowing into the mighty stream of astral energies that flood the world.

The image of the cover is unprecedented – the heavenly doors are open, light is coming in with Jesus, eager to embrace the earth with all beings. And because “In the beginning was the Word,” from there come forth words arranged in prayer verses that illuminate us internally.
The book contains a rich variety of literary genres and artistic techniques: ode, ballad, sonnet, free verse, sestet, tanka, quintet, haiku, senryu, tercet, and more. But they all carry the energy and charge of prayer, glorifying God and his creations. The author fixes various poetic forms, shares the occasion for writing some works, and the collection of poems acquires a cognitive and cosmogonic effect. He inspires us: “Poetic prayers, in reality, are God’s words spoken in a different form and style for great understanding and is a unique precious language of grace and reverence.”

He turns to us with an unexpected insight:”My People, if We Must Die!”
My people,
if we must die, let it not result from being unable to serve the cause for the betterment of humankind…
My people,
if we must die, let it not result from anger and reprisal against each other instead of sitting down in peace and love…
My people,
if we must die, let it not result from the thirst or want of righteousness and lack of God’s salvation…
My people,
if we must die, let it not result from the lack of beautiful songs stimulating our souls, with God’s love radiating from the magnificent choral voices of our children and grandchildren immersing themselves in our great cultural heritage of wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, and understanding….”

These exclamations sound prophetic in today’s pandemic world. Great words from a true ambassador for literature around the world who has accepted the Word for his mission. The verse collection is the apotheosis of the Love to God.

“Your time has come” gives us hope that God has a plan for each of us and that our lives “should be more than just an ordinary existence.” In “We Are Still Standing,” he calls: “Through it all, never, Never should God’s people fall. Fall never; through it all, God’s people are still standing!” “Christ Lives Today” lifts our spirits with faith: “Christ, our Savior, Lives today. His mighty power Is shown each and every day. His unending love is here to stay. He lives today in many ways.” The author urges us not to forget how “the love of God brought us from clay to this day. By His love, He is the potter, molding us in many ways.”

We rediscover Christmas love for family, for the mother, the father, prayers for people with various illnesses, prayer for soldiers, for Father’s Day, for all children, prayer for suicidal thoughts, for Thanksgiving Day, prayer for cease school violence.

“If Only: Parent’s Challenge” painfully reminds us: “If only children and parents would get along, Things would be great in the land. If only children would show respect, Then things would probably be perfect.”

Let’s rationalize Joseph S. Spence Sr.’s messages in “Heads Up”: “Keep your head up high always. Always look up to heaven in time and space. His love looks down upon you, On all seven days, radiates all around, Touching His great creation.”

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is one of the most uplifting books designed to bring us back to God and the grace of God. As the poet says: “It’s spoken and unspoken words unto the senses yearning for a higher order of creation. It is to be expected in a world of instability, instituting God’s stability through intercession. It’s the precious unveiling of a newly found revelation of higher existence for the mind, body, and soul.”

Bio of Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., authored nine poetry books and invented: Epulaeryu, Seventh Heaven, God’s Dynamic Steps, and Linking Pin Sonnet poetry forms, while studying English literary science, creative writing, poetry, and African Diaspora, at the University of Wisconsin. His writings appeared internationally in forums such as: peer-reviewed journals, anthologies, magazines, newspapers, ezines, and the U. S. Army. He taught at Bryant and Stratton University, and Marquette University, Wisconsin. He retired from the U.S. Army as a decorated field grade officer. He was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Arkansas, USA, by Governor William Jefferson Clinton (former United States President), for his dedicated and selfless contribution in helping students at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, prepare for graduate school, and citizens to achieve their perceived goals. He has received numerous awards from worldwide poetry organizations, including: Poetry Bard (UK), Independent Poetry Laureate (USA), Global Icon of Humanity and Spiritual Services (India), Ambassador of Humanity (Morocco), and Poetry Star, World Nation Writers Union (Kazakhstan). He has been inducted into various international academic honor societies such as: Golden Key International Honour Society, Phi Theta Kappa Scholastic Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Phi Theta Phi International Scholastic Honor Society, and others based on his studiousness. He has conducted a variety of poetry seminars, workshops, and recitals worldwide. His poems are published in: Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, African Yoruba, Japanese, Polish, French, Scottish Gaelic, Hindi, Assam, Bengali, Jamaican Patois/Patwa, and Rastafarian. He embraces his paternal Scottish heritage, has membership in the Scottish poetry bard, Robert Burns Club, served as poet-in-residence, St. Andrew’s Scottish Society, and resides in Wisconsin, USA.

Reviewer’s bio: The creative tandem Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev is from Bulgaria.

Stoianka Boianova

Master’s degree in Physics. Author of twelve books: poetry, novel, collection of short stories, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Participated in anthologies and editions in Japan, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Germany, France, England, USA, Africa. Editor. In the European Top 100 most creative haiku authors. Numerous awards around the world, including Gold Stars from Global Literary Society, Gold Quill – POEMarium, Platinum Valentine – Literature Lovers’ Association, Cupid Award – Poetry Planet. In list of the Best Poets – Writers of World, 2019, World Nations Writers’ Union.

Minko Tanev

Lecturer of Bulgarian language for international students – Medical University, Plovdiv. Author of 6 books of poetry, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Participated in anthologies and editions in Japan, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, France, England, USA, Africa. Editor of over 70 books. Numerous awards around the world, including Gold Stars from Global Literary Society, Red Quills – POEMarium, Platinum Star- Literature Lovers’ Association, Cupid Award – Poetry Planet. In the list of the Best Poets – Writers of World, 2019, World Nations Writers’ Union.


The review by Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev analyzes the new collection of poems Sincerely Speaking Spiritually by Joseph S. Spence Sr. against the backdrop of one of the most dramatic periods for humanity and the world – the pandemic COVID-19. The all-pervading energy of words lift and exalt us, fill us with love of life, sound prayerful, and prophetic. The readers have a chance to meet one of the most uplifting books designed to bring us back to God and the grace of God.



4 out of 4 stars: “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Reviewed on 06 Jul 2020, 03:54

Ever read a book intermixed with poetry and prose? Have you ever wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of purposeful and happy living, while savoring the beauty and power of poetry? Then this unique book by Joseph S. Spence Sr. titled Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is ideal for you. It contains the themes of love, faith, inspiration, purpose, and spirituality.

The structure of the book portrays the strong organizational skills of the writer. The book has 138 pages and five sections. Section One was detailed in several poems about God’s power, love, courage, Christmas, and Easter, amongst several other issues. In Section Two, the author talked about heartfelt and intercessory prayer-poems for children, soldiers, fathers, and all varieties of souls inhabiting the Earth. Section Three focuses on reflective inventory poems about waves of Christian issues. The author used his invented Epulaeryu Poems to describe his travel experiences in Section Four. And the final section contains a glossary of various definitions of forms and styles.

I love the brilliantly crafted “Foreword,” written by another award-winning author about the book. That gave me an overview idea of what to expect from the book. The author’s apt and incredible description of poetic forms in his introduction is remarkably stunning. Innovation does not just shine and glitter in every phase of this book; it is highly refreshing and self-inventory in its entirety. The book touches all aspects of life.

The author’s self-invented writing style is incredibly mind-blowing, as the words flow seamlessly to form the perfect creation of rhymes and rhythms. Several times, I found myself reading a poem repeatedly to savor its beauty and grace. It ignites a fiery thought process that is steeped in purification in the mind of the reader. I love the poem titled “The Perpetual Light” because of how much it speaks to depressed people. Also, I enjoyed the poem about mothers. It portrays mothers as real pillars of strength. I admire how the author beautifully expressed the dynamics of poetry, its perception, and its power.

The world we live in today is diseased and marked by chaos, violence, bloodshed, and many more unpleasant happenings. These are dramatic and unforgettable times for humanity. Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is a unique and outstanding book that depicts hope, preaches God’s love, and encourages tenacity. These reasons, coupled with the fact that the book’s editing is stellar, motivate me to give it a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Moreover, there is nothing I dislike about the book.

This book deserves a spot on the shelves of masterpieces. Joseph S. Spence Sr. deserves exponential applause for creating a profoundly insightful and highly innovative compilation. The book is characterized by hope, the full embodiment of God’s unfailing and unconditional love, personal inspiration, and possesses the power to breed the universal togetherness.

On a final note, I recommend this book to anyone who is depressed in these bizarre times. Also, lovers of inspirational books will love the book. It has a unique and powerful capability to revitalize the reader. Although it is a Christian book, there is something for everyone.

-by Anthony



5.0 out of 5 stars: “Spiritual help especially during coronavirus pandemic”
Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2020:

“During the coronavirus pandemic with churches in lock-down and human contact restricted, the word of God is much needed. It comes in the form of the book by Joseph Spence. His poetic prayers bring to my mind the writings of the Bengali mystic Rabindranath Tagore. “Spiritually Speaking” requires immense concentration and would do well in a monastery for monastic contemplation. Some poems are more deeply spiritual than others and I suspect that the author practiced much meditation and prayer to compose such a magnificent work of spiritual guidance. The author’s Faith is enviable and makes me question where I stand. His book requires soul searching about one’s Faith. On top of it, we receive a course in poetic forms and literary English.

A worthwhile book for one’s home library or for opening prayers at Bible classes.”


A modern-day Psalms!

Jenny Marlon
May 18, 2020

“Joseph S. Spence Sr. wrote a gospel literary book which is a repertoire of spiritual poems and poetic prayers about faith, praises, sacrifices, and God’s love – akin to the book of Psalms – to name a few, where Christians can really acquire a spiritual connection.

As the book suggests, the content uses more concrete, figurative, and literal language throughout its prayer-poems rather than the usual imaginative and variety of creative characteristic features, thus, giving the reader an easy and smooth-sailing read.

For a cohesive reading, the book is divided into five (5) sections: Regular spiritual poems in various narrative forms and styles, prayer-poems in a freeform style, reflective poems from a variety of author’s invented forms and styles, spiritual Epulaeryu poetic forms about author’s travel and food engagements and glossary of various forms and styles definitions.

This provides a new kind of narrative of the sweet language of Jesus. Great poem collection!”


Reb Coleman

July 1, 2020.
5.0 out of 5 stars: “It Was Amazing!”

Wow! This book is such a blessing. You can almost feel the worries and cares of life leaving you, as you read these uplifting and encouraging poem. Beautiful poems, by a beautiful soul! Thank you, Mr. Spence, for sharing your talent with the world. Blessings in Jesus!


Terry Lynn Wigley Express Restaurant

June 29, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Remarkable Book of Spirituality.”

Read this book and obtain a more significant relationship with God. It’s refreshing, inspiring, and uplifting to the mind, body, and soul. During this coronavirus pandemic era, it brings triumph over stressful situations and people, with a smiling face, reading God’s grace in another format through poetry. The words in this excellent text instill the love and presence of God in one’s heart with much inspiration. I love the words, poems, prayers, and the spiritual Epulaeryu dishes of communion and blessings created by Joseph Spence a man of reverence! Everyone should read this book of reverence and experience a greater awareness of God’s grace.


Joselyn M

June 19, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars

A wonderful book of reflections and poetry!


Sheila English

May 30, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “What Feeds the Soul.”

It’s important to feed your soul with what you put into it. The quality. The goodness. It’s all-important. Reading this book was like a balm to my soul. My mom recently passed, and I was drained in every way. This book of poems was exactly what I needed. It’s thoughtful, inspiring, and feeds goodness to my soul. These are difficult times in this world. I recommend feeding your soul, something that inspires it to kindness.


Lou Richards

May 24, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Bible Songs of Praise.”

The author, in his foreword, assured his readers that this poetry collection will “soothe the soul and enlighten the heart.” What a profound statement which he undoubtedly fulfilled! He expresses his philosophical thoughts through the language of poems. He invented several types of poems. Spence did not only soothe humanity, he also contributed greatly to the literary world. Sincerely Speaking Spiritually also touches hearts and inspires its readers through its Biblically-inspired messages that are perfect for the mind, body, and soul. His poetic prayers, which remind me of the songs of praises from the Bible, give new light to the readers. It takes us back to the One Creator and allows us to appreciate the beauty of life and the world. If you are looking for some inspiration for a positive outlook in life, then this is the book for you!


BookFUNdom Reviews

May 19, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Quintessential of Divine Literature.”

While most of the books about poetry are currently focused on earthly love, adventure, magic, and the likes– this one prevails with depth and celebrates life in its truest essence. More likely, an agape love in narrative. It’s a Christian literature type of genre based on its content. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., stood firmly from the title by writing spiritual poems and poetic prayers sincerely and genuinely, letting God be his coauthor. It contains a variety of poetic forms – haiku, senryu, freeform, tercet, couplet, sestet, octave, ballad, epigram, sonnet, ode, and others. It not only exemplifies its genres, but also edify the readers about discipline, gratitude, appreciation, and compassion amid inevitable adversities. Life-affirming, indeed! Everyone can read this to strengthen their bond with God. You have to read this!


Mariel Cardinal

May 18, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Modern Psalms of David and the songs of Solomon.”

Poetry is prayer – this thought was made possible by Joseph Spence. The book offers a whole new perspective for poetry’s power and its beauty, stimulating both the soul and the mind. It caters to a wide range of readers with realistic and relatable thoughts and is also a form of a written promise of God to man and the accountability of man to his faith. The author beautifully expressed the dynamism of poetry, it’s movements, and people’s faiths. When you are overwhelmed with your emotions, or you feel like you don’t know what to say to God, this book’s poems will speak for you.


Poetic Mary

May 16, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Poetry that feeds the soul.”

Awesome poetry writing by Joseph Spence Sr. He truly captures the reader’s heart with this lovely collection of poem and poetic prayers done in various poetry styles. Joseph Spence Sr gives his readers an appetite for reading his poetry as he displays this awesome collection of prayer and poetry through the pages of this book. You can actually sit at the dinner table and dine as he describes his “Church Dinner.” Prayers are found throughout the book to bring tears to the readers’ eyes. The title speaks for itself, and this is a book you must have in your reading library.


Alice Marie Coles

March 12, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars: “Inspirational and Uplifting Book.”

I commend Joseph on a well-written book. Joseph dug deep into his spiritual foundation and wrote the poems from that space where healing, peace, joy, safety, and reality merged. Readers of this book will be transformed positively. God said, “My peace I give unto you.” Now is the ideal time to demonstrate His peace, love, care, and grace for each other. The world is in a pandemic. Joseph’s book helps to bring about God’s peace, love, and merciful care with spirituality uplifting the mind, body, and soul to see and reach the realms of God to live in faith and eliminate fear in this pandemic. This is a must-read for everyone to find sanctification in God’s grace in this time and emerging era.


Book Review – Sincerely Speaking Spirituality

By Joseph S. Spence – Criticspace Book Review In India

Author Name: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
Book Title: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Publisher: WestBow Press (February 21, 2020)
Review by: Akhila at Criticspace
Print Length: 138 pages

Posted on April 3, 2020

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Wordsworth had defined poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” This statement has proven to be correct in all time by many different poets. There can be no other definition more accurate than this. Joseph S. Spence Sr. proves this correct in his poetry volume, “Sincerely Speaking Spirituality.”
On the surface, the book seems to be merely a collection of poetry writing. But on looking into the poems closely, the reader can understand that there is a lot more than just simple poetry writing. The cover of the book in itself comes as a solace giving image firstly, with the image of Jesus being shown in the sky and all earth beings on the land. This includes not only humans but also animals. Somewhere, this suggests the poet’s idea of harmony between humans, animals, and nature. The touch of the color blue completes the image and gives relaxation to the mind of the reader. Even if he is stressed out at all, he gets ready to open the book and read through.

The foreword and the preface, in the beginning, serve to be a fine introduction to the poetry volume. They highlight the remarkable talent of the poet and how he has attempted to impart his acquired knowledge and wisdom from his travels and shared it with his readers through his work. The preface defines poetry as “The World’s Dynamic Process.” This can be interpreted as a modern take on the definition of poetry based on the discretion of present-day writers. Also, there is an elaborate discussion on “Poetic Prayers” in the preface. This seems like an appeal of the poet to the readers to not run after worldly, materialistic pleasures and rather take the path that would bring them closer to God and nature and hence give them much more tranquility. In a brief forward by Rev. Brady E. Coleman, he writes,

“Like a cup of cool water to one who is thirsty, I hope that this poetry book gives you spiritual refreshment and rejuvenation.”

This becomes a clear indication of the refreshing experience that this volume of poetry is going to be for the reader.

The poems are divided into 5 sections. He explores the different sides of his poetry writing kyu in these 5 sections. In the first section, he explores the spiritual side. In the second section, he explores his evolved genre of Poetic Prayer. In the third, he explores his invented poetic forms. This is perhaps where he has experimented the most and shows the influence of the literary canon on his poetic style. Section four has epulaeryu poems, and section five is more of a poetic glossary.

The beauty of Spence Sr. lies in the fact that he does not follow any definite poetic meter and chooses to write as per his natural ability. There can be short poems like “Church Dinner” or “The best taste” and, at the same time, poems like “Your time has come” or “Concluding Prayer.” This only adds and makes his poems appear much more original and a treat to the lovers of poetry. At times, his poems in “Sincerely Speaking Spirituality” are very short and crisp, and sometimes they become equivalent to a prose text. The poet writes some very beautiful lines in poems like “Mothers” when he says,

“Resting a child’s head, they simmer
a cry with such a hush.”
And in “Covenant Made,”
“The mandate was laid.
A covenant with God made
To share and persuade.
His love came down upon us.
Blessing others in His trust!”
His dramatic monologue, “Escaped in a basket: Paul Bringing God’s Light,” is on a masterpiece, which reminds the reader of Robert Browning.

The presence of the power of God pervades almost all the poems, and it keeps on making the reader feel positive about everything around him.
At the same time, in the majority of his poems, the poet keeps the reader informed about the verse form he has used while writing that poem. This educates the unaware reader at the same time. This will make sure that the audience reading the poetry volume is much wiser and beyond literary people. Grown-up people are much more likely to find interest in reading the poems as they are not just about simple reading, but understanding the thought of the poet too.

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

April 4, 2020, at 2:50, am

Greetings, and thank you very much, Akhila, for the awesome review. It’s greatly appreciated and will be remembered. The proliferation of your inspirational and uplifting words speaks to your great accomplishment so far along the way in your service to humanity on a worldwide basis. I love the looks of this post and the publication of your book review from Criticspace. It reads very well and gives justice to “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually.” That’s quite an accomplishment about your creative writing and review skills. Keep your beacon shining with wonderful words of inspiration for others to see. This review deserves others to seek your assistance. May you be blessed with more books to review, and the uplifting of others so they too may see the light and strive to be their best. Great job. Have an awesome day, don’t forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always!

His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. USA. (Epulaeryu Master)!
William Shakespeare’s Poetry Award Winner, Multi-Genre Award-Winning Poet, Man of God, Global Icon of Humanity and Spiritual Services, Global Chair Advisor for Global Literary Society-India, World Peace Ambassador of Human Rights, Humanity, and Diplomacy, India’s Praṇāma, Dedicated Research Scholar, Eloquent Book Reviewer, Effective Academician, Honorary Advisor of The World Parliament of English Literature-India, and Stellar Article Writer.


April 9, 2020, at 4:31, am

It’s a great pleasure for me to read these divine pearls from the pen of a great poet, Philosopher Joseph Spencer Sr. I pray to God and encourage to all readers to read this extraordinary book of literature. In my opinion, “True literature represents valuable life full of sweet and bitter experience.” These pearls are original and written by a writer with a mastery of language. It is full of aesthetic divine light and pleasure. My mystic soul feels that this book can be helpful for the service to mankind.

My best to my dear poet as well as the entire team of publication.I hope that lovers of literature will enjoy a spontaneous overflow of emotions.

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

April 10, 2020, at 2:02 pm

Greetings, and thank you very much, my dear brother, Ashok Kumar, for your pearls of perpetuating wisdom. They are truly appreciated and will not be forgotten. You have always stood by my side in our poetic literary journey, of enlightening worldwide humanity, with sensitivity and nobility of expression we share together with inspiration. Our miracles of solidarity are the poetic paddles saving others from the storms and rough waters of indifference in the emerging era. Let’s continue to proliferate faith and hope by spreading words of eloquence through all mediums necessary for the uplifting of worldwide humanity. Let’s continuously convert desolate, monstrous, insane mountains, and barriers, into fields of fragrant roses. This will allow everyone to harmonize their voices, generously in faith and brotherhood, while sowing the grains and wheat of inspiration through God’s graciousness with poetic words of love on Mother Earth. Your mystical soul and powers are truly a blessing to humanity. Have an awesome day, don’t forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, mindful, and enlightened with God’s blessings always! Namaste, my dear bother!

Sarala Balachandran

April 9, 2020, at 10:19, am

Congratulations dear brother. God bless

Joseph Spence Sr

April 10, 2020, at 2:24 pm

Greetings, my sincerest thanks to you and your wonderful family, my dearly beloved sister, Sarala Balachandran, for your esteemed words of God’s grace, especially on this Good Friday morn. I truly appreciate your dedicated devotion and continuous expression with the essence of God’s grace and love. You’re a true poetess with eloquence and exemplar figure of poetic verses uplifting a profound world with philosophical thoughts where wisdom genuinely reigns. Your poetic thoughts and understanding allow for diverse experiences in our lives and speech. I have always recommended your distinctive and bilingual poetry to humanity. Please continue to exceed boundaries and barriers with your innate sensibility and desire; thus, transcending time, race, and mediums. You’re a true poetess whose universal wavelength connects with all sensible souls with inspirational vibes, and expressive voices of poetic expressions. Kudos to you, my dear sister, on a job well done! Have an awesome day, don’t forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, mindful, and enlightened with God’s blessings always! Namaste, my dear poetic sister.


Wisconsin Bookwatch: The Poetry Shelf

By James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief – Midwest Book Review

Author Name: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
Book Title: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Publisher: WestBow Press (August 2020)
c/o Thomas Nelson Publishers
PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214

Synopsis: “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is an inspirational and uplifting body of prose poetry that is ideal for meditating on Christian principles and applying them to solve our ‘real world’ problems, and living a righteous life.

Additionally, The fundamental message underlying the deftly crafted poetry that comprising “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is that God’s manifestation of preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies is a daily reality. That every Christian can improve their standing before God and heighten the quality of their spirituality by allowing Him to anoint them with His grace, His mercy, and His love.

Critique: Occasionally graced with black-and-white images, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” by Joseph S. Spence Sr. begins with an informative foreword by Pastor Reverend Bradley E Coleman BA Master of Divinity. The individual poetry is as inspired and inspiring as it is meditatively compelling. Very highly recommended for all members of the Christian community, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is one of those rare collections of Christian verse that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. It should be noted for personal reading lists that “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is also readily available in a paperback edition (9781973683919, $11.95) and in a digital book format (Kindle, $3.99).

Editorial Note: His Excellency, Dr. Ambassador, Professor, Joseph S. Spence, Sr., USA (Epulaeryu Master), is an award-winning poet and the author of over one hundred peer-reviewed published poetic articles and ten inspirational poetry books.



Pratibha Malav

By James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief – Midwest Book Review

Author Name: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
Book Title: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Rating: 4.25 out of 5  (October 10, 2020)

“Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” by Joseph S. Spence Sr. is a soulful set of poems. They are written from the heart and reach readers’ hearts.

Feeding your soul is important, is not it?
The book serves the purpose.

“Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is divided into five sections-
1) Regular Spiritual Poetic Forms
2) Poetic Prayer Forms
3) Invented Short Spiritual Poetic Forms
4) Epulaeryu Poems
5) Spiritual Poetic Forms Glossary

Each section contains poems for all ages and stages.

My favorite poems from the book are-
The Love Of God
We Are Still Standing
In Times Like These
Praising Him All The Way
Precious Savior
Thoughts Inflicting Souls
The Coming King
My Vineyard
…and many more…

This collection is enlightening and insightful as well as informative. It deals with different forms of spirituality.

Each poetry is deep and meaningful. It will feed your soul and enlighten you.

I am so grateful to have read this book. It is like a hidden gem. This book will take the readers on a spiritual journey of Christian through meditation and prayer and teach life values.
The title speaks for itself.

*I really look forward to reading more books by Joseph S. Spence Sr.*

Mercy Mutembei rated it really liked it

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is written by Joseph S. Spence Sr., a professional author, poet, researcher, and former U.S Army commissioner officer. The book was published in 2020. Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is a spiritual poetry book with 116 pages and divided into 5 sections. Every section tackles a different topic without losing the flow of the book.

Section 1 is comprised of regular spiritual, poetic forms. These poems highlight our relationship with God and the people around us. The section talks of God’s love and guidance as we relate with each other at all times. Section 2 contains poetic prayer forms. This section contains various prayers for families. The author identifies different challenges that various families face and different work settings and their challenges. Dr. Spence’s poetry brings to life God’s love and manifestation in our lives, even when we think all hope is lost. Section 3 comprises of invented short spiritual, poetic forms: this section targets individuals and their uniqueness. The author highlights our weaknesses as humans and how easy it is to manipulate them. Most importantly, he talks of how we can turn our weaknesses into strengths through God’s everlasting strength.

Section 4 consists of epulaeryu poems. This section highlights the comparison between normal food and the word of God as food to our souls. The author uses this section to appreciate different traditions, cultures, and exotic meals. Section 4 is special documentation or Joseph S. Spence’s journey to several parts of the continent. Section 5 and the final section is a glossary section. The author uses this part to touch on different styles and forms of poetry found in this book. This section contains valuable content and simplifies complex vocabularies found in the book, making it more understandable.

The author uses different styles to make the book interesting. Dr. Joseph S. Spence uses couplet, quatrain, quintet, epigram, ode, and ballad to construct the poems hence achieving a unique rhythm in the poems. This mixture of styles breaks the idea of monotony style, making Sincerely Speaking Spiritually stands out from other poems.

Dr. Joseph introduces the readers to the book in a special way by first highlighting the importance of poetic prayer, heightening the readers’ desire to read the book. Unlike other spiritual books, Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is not based on fiction stories and characters but rather addresses the real issues we face in our daily lives. What’s more interesting about this book is that it is not limited to Christians only; readers from other religions can read this book without feeling offended or attacked about their religion. I give Sincerely Speaking Spiritually a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.